Sentence & its types | English Grammar |

Some words mingled with one another make a sentence. So Sentence is the starting point of learning English. We should have knowledge of the Sentence to learn English Grammar.

Sentence: A sentence is a group of words which gives complete sense.
For example:
1. He goes to school.
2. It is raining outside.
3. Where do you live?
4. May you live long!
5. What a splendid building!
Types of Sentences: Sentences are of five types that are given below:

Sentence & its types | English Grammar |
Sentence & its types | English Grammar |

1. Assertive Sentence: An Assertive Sentence is one which declares something. It may be positive or negative.
1. He was driving a car.
2. I don't tell a lie.
3. He speaks the truth.
4. He does not want to play.
An Assertive Sentence is also called Declarative Sentence.
2. Interrogative Sentence: An Interrogative Sentence is one in which a question is asked.
1. What is your name?
2. When will you come?
3. Which is your book?
4. Where are you going?
3. Imperative Sentence: An Imperative Sentence is one which tells about a command, a request or an advice which is expressed in the sentence.
1. March Forward. (Command)
2. Please give me some money. (Request)
3. You should help the poor. (Advice)
4. Exclamatory Sentence: An Exclamatory Sentence is one which expresses a strong feeling of joy, sorrow or surprise.
1. What a beautiful flower!
2. Alas! I'm ruined.
3. Hurrah! We have won the match.
5. Optative Sentence: An Optative sentence is one which expresses a wish.
For examples:
1. Would that I were millionaire!
2. May God bless you with a son!
3. May you prosper in life!
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