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Subject & Predicate are found in the sentence. Sentence is formed by Subject & Predicate. Subject & Predicate are the basis of English Grammar. Anyone who wants to learn English, should start learning from Subject & Predicate.

Subject & Predicate | English Grammar |
Subject & Predicate

Subject: The part of the sentence which is talked about, is called the Subject. The subject has a Noun or a Pronoun in it. In the sentences which are given below, the first part (in italics) consists of a word or a group of words about which something has been said.

1. We play.
2. His brother sings a song.
3. The peon is ringing the bell.
4. He reads the book.
5. The boys were making a noise

Predicate: The part of the sentence which tells about the subject is called Predicate. The Predicate has a verb in it. The table showing Subject & Predicate is given below:

His brother
sings a song.
The peon
is ringing the bell.
reads the book.
The boys
were making a noise.

There are some sentences in which the Subject is not directly given. It is understood. Look at the following sentences:
1. Play the game.
2. Stand up.
3. Thank you.
4. Sit down.
5. Listen to me.

It is obvious that the Subject in sentences 1 and 2 above is "You" while the Subject in sentence 3 is "I".

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